Meet our Staff:

Andrew Brackpool


Andrew is the founder of BukMedia LTD and spends most of his day plotting ways to take over the world.

As a serial entrepreneur, you will always find him testing the water with new businesses and ideas. With a dream to positively impact 10,000,000 people around the world his business ideas vary from practical software to baked bean restaurants.

His best idea’s and eureka moments come in the shower or at 4am in the morning.

He relies on his gut instinct more than he probably should, but nothing’s gone drastically wrong… yet. *knocks on wood*


Laura Atkinson

Chief Operations Officer


Laura, the daily hiccupper.

Laura is an avid traveller who also enjoys an evening of Netflix and chill 7 nights a week.

She loves a good Disney Classic.. But will always back The Lion King.

Laura needs AT LEAST one roast dinner a week to function.. With extra yorkshire puddings and thick gravy of course!

Cats, dogs, Banoffee Pie and head massages are Laura’s weak points. Give her all 4 at once and you may just witness the happiest person on the planet.


Phil Watson

Graphic Designer


Tall, dark and bearded.

Phil enjoys role play, at the weekends,  that may or may not involve wearing tights.

He enjoys picture books and collectables.

Phil is sweet and lovely until you use comic sans, and then much like the Hulk, he goes green, (coincidentally his favourite colour) and demands helvetica.

A keen movie buff, his favourite genre is 80’s sci-fi, stating, if he ever won the lotto, he’d buy himself several Delorean DMC-12s


Georgia Kendell



The Loud Laugher.

Georgia is our resident wordsmith and pun master (self-assigned)

She’s so accident prone, her life often resembles a slap-stick comedy show without the applause.

Georgia is a self proclaimed canine super fan and travel enthusiast.

Most people find themselves travelling, Georgia lost an organ somewhere in central America.

Georgia is constantly four steps behind the team.. Because of her little legs.


Jim Hamilton



Jim is one of our copywriters here at BukMedia LTD, and an avid student of direct response advertising techniques.

He spent 7 years working in the health industry as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and diet coach before transitioning into copywriting.

When he’s not busy studying the latest advances in the digital marketing industry, he can usually be found either rewatching the movie Avatar or trying to forget he was never able to hit Diamond in his entire 5-year League of Legends playing career.

Working for us remotely as he travels across Southeast Asia, Jim is currently based in Thailand.